Memorial Lutheran Church is offering a New Member Class.

Join us!

Week One                Sept 22                      Intro and Roots of our Faith Ch. 1

Week Two                October 13               Ten Commandments & The Lord’s Prayer

Week Three             October 27               Roots of our Faith – The Creed

Week Four               November 10          Creed/Richardson Part 1

Week Five                 December 8             Creed/Richardson Part 2

Week Six                   January 5, 2022      Creed/Richardson Part 3

Week Seven             January 19                Holy Baptism

Week Eight               February 2                Confession and Communion

Week Nine               February 16             Orientation to Memorial Lutheran Church

Memorial’s New Member Class is designed for an in depth look at the basics of our faith.  You may have read Nestingen’s “Roots of our Faith,” which the course is based on.  The class will take our study a bit further and also serve as a small group setting for getting to know others who are becoming members.  The “Richardson” classes on the creeds explore the history of how the church arrived at the way we know and describe God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to ourselves and the world.  There are some surprises and opportunities for you to express your own beliefs and questions.

Who Should Take This Course?

If you are thinking of becoming a member of Memorial, this will be time well spent.  If you are already a member and would enjoy a refresher course in Lutheran beliefs with questions and without some of the stuffiness that sometimes goes with learning about faith, this is also for you.  Let the church office or Pastor Dow know you’re interested!  Pastor Dow’s e-mail address is