Goals for the church in the time of pandemic

Why would a congregation with limitations in the midst of a pandemic pray, plan, and form new goals for the coming year?

You could ask, “Why would the original disciples, limited by the death of their leader, make the cross a symbol of their faith and plan to spread the gospel everywhere?”  Same thing.  You can’t stop new life in the risen Christ.

Here are Memorial’s goals for 2021.

    1. Constitution: revisit and make needed changes, including how to deal with similar instances to Covid.
    2. Conduct an audit of our finances.
    3. Transfer to a new accounting system and set up reports for better accuracy.
    4. Determine and institute a course of action to develop/identify/intentional leadership within our congregation.
    5. Work with committee chairs to set expectations for goal setting and timely updates, including volunteer opportunities.
    6. Oversee the installation of the new audio/visual system and the training of an ample number of persons to operate.
    7. Organize and develop our online presence, including streaming worship services.
    8. Determine innovative ideas to improve our worship

If you spend enough time around a Lutheran church, you may hear a repetition of Martin Luther’s famous question (about anything related to faith) “What does this mean?”  Stay tuned for more information as we develop our goals.  And remember, God and Memorial welcome your help as we move forward faithfully.

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